With the Bosque Urban Jungle styling we create an individual, modern and green oasis in your office, shop or on your event. We rent our extraordinary and exotic plants from € 15 / month per plant including plant care. Of course, we also take over the care of existing plants from € 10 / month per plant.

Why plants?

Plants have a positive impact on employee satisfaction and productivity, according to a Cardiff University study. The customer perceives plants in shops as very positive, as green companies are perceived as more sustainable and future-oriented. However, costs of several hundred euros per plant in the greening of an entire property represents a considerable investment. With our plant leasing we provide you with a plant of your choice from € 15 per month and also take care of the regular care. Existing plants are getting back in shape from € 10 / month. The costs for plant rental and plant care are completely tax deductible.

How does it work?

With our Bosque Urban Jungle styling, we develop a package of modern, decorative and high-quality plants tailored to your needs, premises and furnishings. At Bosque, we always strive to share our passion for plants with you and transform your business into an Urban Jungle.

What makes the Bosque Urban Jungle styling unique:

When it comes to plant care, one of our gardeners comes to your company regularly and takes care of the well-being of the rented plants and all those plants that we take care of.

Where are we available?

Currently, we offer our plant leasing and plant care in Berlin seamlessly. But even if you are contacting us from another city, please leave us your contact details and we will try to process your request anyway.

How much does it cost?

We offer our plant leasing incl. care from € 15 / plant and our care-only service from € 10 / plant per month.

Interested? Write us at pepo@mybosque.com or leave us a message: