Trial Plant Box
25,00 €
Delivered in 1-2 days


Too big? To small? Doesn’t fit at all?

Don't you know yet if you are ready for long-term commitment?

Or are you just looking for a surprise without obligation?

Then our sample box is the perfect option to explore your feelings without having to do without green society.

How does it work?

We send five of our potential sweethearts to your home for free, where you can try living with them for 20 days. Mary, our digital plant assistant, is always available to answer your questions about care. 

If you have grown fond of your newcomers after the trial period, you can decide to buy them with a discount. 

Our plants couldn't conquer your heart? No problem: We'll pick them up for free.

Who can I meet?

The package includes one plant each:

Benno, filters your indoor air effectively and is very easy to take care of.

Elli, also a climbing filtration talent that prefers a little shade.

Lucy, stands out especially because of her beautiful pattern. At noon she likes to fold her leaves.

Monica, the botanical influencer par excellence!


Zamier, as an uncomplicated roommate perfect for beginners.

What do I pay?

Our trial-living package costs you 25€ for the 20 days, i.e. 5€ per plant.

If you decide to offer your green visitors a permanent home, we will subtract 25€ and deduct additional 20% of the total price.


Trial Plant Box
Trial Plant Box
Trial Plant Box
Trial Plant Box
Trial Plant Box
Trial Plant Box

Includes Plant Assistent

Making sure your plants stay strong and healthy, every purchase grants you access to Mary, our digital Plant Assistent.

Personal delivery

Delivering plants is tricky, that´s why we are doing it ourselves. We will schedule a 2 hour delivery window to ship your plants to your home or office.

Conscious packaging

We care about our environment which is why we only use recyclable materials. Additionally, we make sure to limit the time your plant stays in a box to make sure your plant arrives happy and healthy.

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